How Well is Your Life Going?

There are miles of text written about the importance of well-being and achieving a good work-life balance, but often these words aren’t followed by actions. In the post-COVID world, many of us have had the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives, leading to a desire for a less demanding work life, allowing more time and energy for our lives outside of work. This sentiment is echoed in discussions with people of all ages at our nursery, including both team members and the families we work with.

The quality of your and your child’s experience at the nursery is directly tied to the adults working there. Having more qualified, motivated people with your child means you will reap the benefits. However, this does mean that excellent nurseries don’t make huge profits and can’t pay large salaries. Yet, big salaries aren’t the only form of reward at work. Intangible rewards like recognition for a job well done and satisfaction in positively impacting someone’s life are often more important.

Smiles all round at Beach Babies

What Can You Do as an Employer, Manager, or Employee?

  • Congratulate or thank someone when they’ve done something well. Specify what they did exceptionally, whether it’s devising a new solution, helping a colleague, or going the extra mile to achieve a goal. Meaningful praise can significantly boost someone’s morale.
  • Build your work community. Make a cup of tea for others, go for a lunchtime walk with a colleague, or arrange a social event. Having friendly relationships at work creates a strong support network.
  • Offer help and advice, but don’t be pushy. Offer it periodically and understand that the person may not be ready to accept it now, but might be in the future. Being open and non-judgmental ensures they’ll turn to you when ready.

In Brief

  • Say ‘Well done’ or ‘Thank you’.
  • Invest in work friendships.
  • Offer but don’t push help.
  • Be kind, be open, and treat others well.

We’re always looking to meet passionate and ambitious Early Years Educators. In addition to the above-mentioned aspects, here are some benefits we offer to ensure your working life is satisfying and happy:

  • A 4-day working week.
  • ½ day holiday for your birthday.
  • Increasing holiday each year up to 5 weeks annual leave (excluding Bank holidays and Christmas, etc).
  • Additional holidays on Christmas Eve and between Christmas and New Year.
  • Time off for Smear Tests, Blood Donations, Flu vaccinations.
  • Mental Health first aider support.
  • Payment of the Real Living Wage, higher than the National Living Wage, from 18 years old.
  • Significant staff discounts for childcare.
  • Availability of sanitary products for all staff.

None of these benefits alone make a big difference, but together, along with a culture that values respect and professionalism, they contribute to our team’s long-term commitment and satisfaction.