Children Nursery - Inspired Outdoor Play

Growing Up Naturally

We enable children to grow up in a natural environment. We nurture them to become confident, to develop their creative thinking and to become independent, curious learners.

Nursery locations

Today we have established two thriving nurseries full of happy children cared for by trained and motivated adults. Each nursery has large amounts of outdoor space featuring camp fire circles and lots of nature from mud to insects and trees. Our aim is to provide a home from home for your child – in a safe, secure, fun and caring environment. Our success in Landbeach has enabled us to open an additional nursery in Wilburton in January 2015 – both sharing the same vision and love of outdoor learning.

Photographs from Beach Babies Nursery

A strong foundation for life

Beach Babies gives children a nurturing base from which they can challenge themselves to be the best they can be. We are there to support them as they strengthen their independence, their resilience and their creative curiosity.

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There has never been a day when Ava has not wanted to go to nursery. She’s always so excited when it’s a Beach Babies day and I’m sure you’ve heard her say that she doesn’t want to go home when we’ve come to pick her up.
Anna , Happy Caregiver(s) of Ava