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Beach Babies opened in 2004 with a vision to provide a centre for care, discovery and learning in welcoming indoor and adventurous outdoor environments. Today we have established a thriving nursery full of happy children cared for by trained and motivated adults. Our aim is to provide a home from home for your child – in a safe, secure, fun and caring environment. Our success in Landbeach has enabled us to open an additional nursery in Wilburton in January 2015 – both sharing the same vision and love of outdoor learning.

We want to meet your child’s needs at their own pace as they become more at ease with self-driven learning and exploration through play. We nurture children to enable them to become confident, resilient and joyful learners.

We recognise the value of creating positive partnerships with your family. Supportive relationships and communication between our staff and you is vitally important, as we all enjoy celebrating your child’s progress and achievements in their learning development journey.

Our founder, Tracy, shares her thoughts, advice and insights about early years child development on her blog on Medium.

Wilburton | Ely

Opened in 2015 Beach Babies in Wilburton has 3 separate barn conversion buildings situated in an acre of land – with direct access to a large secure garden area and a developing exploration area that is being planted out as an orchard, vegetable beds, a campfire area and space to build dens. It is also a short walk to visit ‘Granny Chicken’ with her large gaggle of geese and chickens.

Wilburton, Ely Nursery

Beach Babies Wilburton Nursery, 95 Stretham Road, Wilburton, Ely, CB6 3RY

Landbeach | Cambridge

Landbeach, Cambridge Nursery

Established 15 years ago - our Landbeach setting is a bespoke barn style building with an additional garden room set within a large secure garden in which the children play, learn and explore; as well as having daily access to a neighbouring orchard where children enjoy climbing trees, rope swings, campfires and den building.

Beach Babies Landbeach Nursery

84 Green End



CB25 9FD


We recognise that the nursery is only as good as its staff and therefore we have focused on developing a well-trained and highly motivated team who will care for your child.

We employ trained teachers who work with the Pre-School group. All managers and room leaders, as well as most of the nursery nurses hold at least NVQ level 3 qualification, and all other staff are working towards this qualification.

The nursery has a family feel to it because many of the staff have been here for several years including some from when we opened. We have a high ratio of staff to children which means that we never have to use temporary staff. This continuity and familiarity are vital to both the children and their parents as it provides an invaluable sense of stability.

Whilst we all share the care of all children - each child will have one key person to get to know them and their families and to plan activities and provide opportunities for their individual learning needs. This relationship is particularly important during the settling in period.

All our staff have been carefully selected to meet national requirements in qualifications and experience along with an ability to work as part of a team, showing commitment and empathy to the children in their care.

Learning and Development


We believe that children should be enabled to become strong independent people, in both emotional resilience and life skills. We value individuality.

We want them to be able to question and think critically about all discoveries they make, to analyse facts and knowledge and make their own judgements.

At Beach Babies we create a warm, nurturing, caring and educational environment that stimulates your child and we believe that every child has the right to a healthy and happy childhood. We ensure that your child feels individually valued so that they may be supported to achieve their fullest potential.

We provide sufficient space, time and the right equipment for creative play; enabling children to take risks physically, emotionally and intellectually and to persevere when they encounter difficulties. We have a rich and varied environment with new experiences, embedded in meaningful contexts, opportunities for active styles of learning; problem solving, investigations and opportunities for learning through play.

A positive ethos is reflected in all interactions with each other, supporting and cultivating respect for others and the world around us.


Bug Hotel
Boy Giving Girl Flower

Outdoor Learning

We are passionate about outdoor learning and spend as much time outside as possible. We provide waterproof trousers and gloves, hats and wellies or sun-cream to enable children to be able to explore and investigate their natural surroundings in all types of weather. The children are encouraged to engage in ‘risky play’ appropriate for their age, skill set and physical development. Taking concepts from Forest School’s ethos – the Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers are encouraged to climb trees, look for minibeasts, learn simple wood craft skills, practise den building and enjoy tasty treats cooked over our campfire.


The way we work

How children are grouped

Each nursery is divided into three groups according to age and development; but we also spend time altogether- allowing siblings to enjoy each other’s company and helping older children develop understanding and empathy for younger children’s needs

  • The Babies are children aged up to 2 years.
  • The Toddlers are aged 2 to 3 years.
  • The Pre-schoolers are those over 3 years.

Each group has their own staff; including qualified teachers to support the Pre-schoolers learning development and transition to school.

We follow a daily routine which can be adapted to each child’s needs. There are opportunities throughout the day for child initiated, adult led and free play activities.

The food we provide

We place a strong emphasis on good, home cooked, nutritional food. All our meals are cooked and prepared freshly on the premises using quality ingredients by our own chefs. We use many products from local sources, and closely monitor all purchases to keep all food additives to a minimum.

The nursery menu is pescatarian - mainly vegetarian with some meals including fish.

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks consist of healthy ingredients and a choice of water or milk is offered.

There is a 2 course cooked lunch - the children are encouraged to try everything on offer but the more unusual items are always followed by those that the children know and love.

Tea is a more simple meal such as sandwiches and soup followed by yoghurt.

Online Learning Journal

At Beach Babies we use ‘Tapestry’ - a secure online learning journal as a way to record each child's special moments and milestones and to keep you involved in a partnership as your child develops and grows.

The Tapestry system allows us to keep all these records electronically and for you to access and add to them whenever you want:

  • You get a secure login which allows you to see your own child's records
  • You can add photos or videos from home and view those from nursery
  • You can comment on and reply to observations, photos and videos from nursery
  • You can add information, photos and videos about what your child does at home

We also use them in conjunction with EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and linked assessments- to support and promote your children’s development in all areas.

Girl Holding Bark

Our Charges

Wilburton Nursery Fees 2018/19
Number of Days 3 to 5 days/ week 1 or 2 days/ week
Per full day £70 £77
AM Session £42 £46 (min 2 sessions)
PM session £36 £40 (min 2 sessions)
Landbeach Nursery Fees 2018/19
Number of Days 3 to 5 days/ week Minimum 2 days/ week
Per full day £76 £83
AM and PM Sessions Not available Not available
What's included
These charges include the costs of meals, drinks, nappies, waterproofs etc.
Funded two year olds
We have places for children who meet the criteria - please ask for more details
We accept Nursery Education Funding for three and four year olds
The funding provides up to either 570 or 1140 hours per annum, depending on your eligibility, and does not cover food or the extra staff we provide
Monthly Additional Fees for 3 & 4yr olds after Funded Hours
Landbeach 1 day/wk 2 days/wk 3 days/wk 4 days/wk 5 days/wk
30 hrs funded £116.88 £233.75 £480.63 £767.50 £1054.38
15 hrs funded £116.88 £383.75 £670.63 £957.50 £1244.38
Wilburton 1 day/wk 2 days/wk 3 days/wk 4 days/wk 5 days/wk
30 hrs funded £106.25 £212.50 £448.75 £725.00 £1001.25
15 hrs funded £106.25 £362.50 £638.75 £915.00 £1191.25
Medication and Existing Injury Forms
If your child has been injured at home or is on new medication, please could you complete these forms and bring them with you to nursery.

Contact the Wilburton Nursery

Phone: 01353 649675

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Phone: 01223 860060

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